Bird Man / Paul Pandi

An interesting film about our back yard Bird man Paul Pandy who is guarding our Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary at Tirunelveli.

Screened at Sathyam Hall, PSG CAS, Coimbatore on behalf of Eco Club on Sep. 4, 2014.

Comments from students to follow.


World Photography Day/Coimbatore Press Club

Members and Photo Journalists of Coimbatore Press Club (CPC) celebrated World Photography Day at CPC premises on August 19, 2014. Here is an anlaysis about the event from the budding journalists, MJMC students of PSG CAS, Coimbatore.

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Film Review by MJMC students of PSG CAS, Coimbatore.

The combination of big names in Kollywood - Lingusamy, Santosh Sivan, Yuvan Sankar Raja, Surya … has resulted in just another Masala movie.. Here is the review from students.

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Thinkers Association Meeting

Thinkers Association of PSG CAS, Coimbatore invited A.Muruganantham of Jayshree Industries to inaugurate its 2014 -15 year activities at GRD Auditorium on August 12, 2014. Arunachalam Muruganantham was honoured by TIME MAGAZINE in its Top 100 popular personalities of the world. Muruganantham shot into limelight because of his re-engineering in the production of low cost sanitary napkins. He hails from Coimbatore.

Few of his concepts were surprising for many as it was totally against what was generally taught in Colleges.

His debatable points:

English Language is not very important. Skill matters. Germans and Italians do not speak English.

Colleges mould students in certain shapes like cubes and hexagons. If these shapes do not fit with industry requirements, students end up in a soup.

Think beyond Marketing. My Company does not have this ’stupid‘ Marketing Manager.

While answering a question on the support offered by the Government machinery, Muruganantham was frank. He told,” I do not know why the Central and State Government did not support my project. They might have thought Why for “this” man ?.  Anyway I should thank them for allowing me to do my project.

Here are some observations from MJMC students about the event:


The 32nd Thinkers Association inaugural was held in PSG CAS on 12th August 2014. Association is a stable ground for intellectual students and gave ample space to develop creativity without any bias. The chief guest for the inaugurals was ARUNACHALAM MURUGANANTHAM, who invented low cost sanitary pad making machine. Mr Muruganantham a social entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu who over come social barrier and worked for women. Mr Muruganantham is a positive thinker who earned a position in Times Magazine 2014, 100 Most Influential People in the World.<br />

Mr Muruganantham is a punctual personal who was generous and humble. He mesmerized students of PSG CAS and captured their hearts with his effective language skills and his love towards his mother tongue. He mocked English language and spoke in Tamil which showed that great mind is enough than language skills. He brought a concept that women tend to hide in to both boys and girls of PSG. He reached in to students and laid his life as an example, to show How to change a social problem in to creative innovation. He is another living proof that a school dropout can achieve just like other. Mr Muruganantham answered to a student’s question that he is thankful for the government for not interfering in his work even thought they didn’t help him. “GRAND THING IN A SIMPLE MANNER” is his ideology which gave him the position he has now. He also mocked the position of marketing manager and the research and development field. He created a simple Rs 65000 machinery from a costly machinery and gave a proper product for the women. Mr Muruganantham gave a cost less product which provide a relief for women during their menstural cycle.<br />

By Thapasya Chandran<br />

I year MJMC, Aug.2014</p>

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Spirits of Forest


Spirits of Forest

DVD from Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. Run time: 23 minutes 

Sacred groves are found throughout the breadth and length of India and their purpose is to manage and protect forests in the name of God. If they are to remain, two things need to be practiced – local community control must be strengthened and not weakened; secondly we have to rebuild faith in the wealth that our forests provide.

Screened at Sathyam Hall, PSG CAS on August 7, 2014. 


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Life Under Wildlife

Life Under Wildlife

DVD by Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi. Duration: 23 Minutes.

 Looks at the conflict between man and animal. The traditional inheritors of the forests are evicted and ‘rehabilitated’ to inhospitable terrains, all in the name of protecting the wildlife! A case study of the situation in the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka and the Rajaji National Park in UP.

 Screened at Sathyam Hall, PSG CAS, Coimbatore on August 7, 2014.

An old and dull film with one sided view. Projects only about the ‘development’  of Forest dwellers.


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DJ Memorial Photography Contest

Third Edition of DJ Memorial Photography Contest at Coimbatore

Inputs from MJMC, PSG CAS students


Nature at its best…

An account on DJ Memorial Photography Contest 2014 (3rd Edition)

Shrinithi. M,  I MJMC, PSG CAS, August 2014.

         Photography is an art that arrests light and captures moments to be shared and cherished for a life time. People say that a picture speaks a thousand words. For such pictures that caught the eye and touched the third eye of a photographer and fit the frames of its lens this year, DJ Memorial Photography Contest 2014 (DJMPC’14) rolled out. Conducted in the memory of Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu, past chairman and Managing Director of Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) it is a talent hunt to honour the growing art of photography. Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu being an ardent and passionate photographer himself lived a life of inspiration to the world. His son, Mr. Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu is supporting DJMPC for the past three years bringing out astounding photos and recognising photographers from all over the nation, under the administration of Mr. CK Marudhachalam, a wildlife photographer and founder of RK Photo Centre. The single jury member Mr. Ganesh H Shankar, a nature photographer announced the winners of DJMPC’14, Mr. Sandeep Mall, Mr. Yashpal Rathore and Baby. Sitara Karthikeyan who bagged the first three prices of rupees 3 Lakhs, 2.25 Lakhs and 1.5 Lakhs. Five other photos won Rs. 10000 for special mention. “The theme this year was Nature, other than mammals and we received over 3500 entries. It was a very hard endeavour to bring it down to 3 winners.” said the jury. The story told by the photo, creativity and technical aspects and the honesty with in post-processing were the judging criteria. Through the 180 frames that hung on the walls of Kasturi Srinivasan Memorial hall, butterflies, landscapes, reptiles and birds of colours unknown to the layman’s eyes told stories of survival and wonder. DJMPC’14 was indeed a treat to the eyes.



 Laxmi Narayanan, I MJMC, PSG CAS, Aug.2014

     As a tribute to its visionary leader Dr.D.Jayavarthanavelu (DJ), Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) sponsored the third edition of the DJ Memorial Photography Contest (DJMPC), a competitive event which is held annually at Coimbatore to honour talent in photography. DJ was an accomplished photographer and he has photographed a wide variety of subjects across the globe. He had a passion for photography which remained close to his heart till the end.

     The entries were open from March 1- June 30, 2014 and the topic for the contest was ‘Nature, except Mammals’. Shri.R.Maruthachalam (ARPS,APSA,AFIAP) served as the administrator and judging of the entries received was done by Shri.Ganesh Shankar who is a fine art nature photographer and they had a hard time short listing the entries. The total number of participants were 1566 and the entries received to their website were 3153 images. Judging was based on few criteria like the story of nature being projected, freshness and clarity of a photograph and how truthful was the post-photographic approach.

     It was a wonderful opportunity to attend the award ceremony of the contest which took place on July 30, 2014 at Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery at 9.30 a.m. The programme began with a welcome speech and a powerpoint presentation was shown on the life of DJ. Shri.Ganesh Shankar shared his experience of judging the contest. The DJMPC carried a total prize of Rs.7.25 lakhs and the prizes were distributed by Shri.Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu (Chairman and Managing Director of LMW). The first prize worth Rs. 3 lakhs was awarded to Sandeep Mall from Faridabad for his photo ‘The Buddha Brown Fish Eagle unperturbed by the Drongos’. Yashpal Rathore from Bangalore won the second prize of Rs. 2.25 lakhs for his photo ‘Blurry flight’ and the third prize of Rs. 1.5 lakhs was awarded to a sixth standard student Sithara Karthikeyan, a resident of Coimbatore for her photo ‘Famous Five’ which shows five owls perched upon a tree trunk. Five photographers received the Certificate of Merit along with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. A public expo of selected contest photographs was inaugurated shortly after the award ceremony by Mrs.Rajyalakshmi Jayavarthanavelu. This expo was organised and executed by R.K. Photo Centre and was open for public until Sunday, August 3.

     Out of the 108 photos displayed, the photo taken by Debashis Mukherjee, from Kolkata with the caption ‘New born Turtles’ delighted me the most. The photo shows twelve tiny turtles crawling in the beach leaving behind their footprints on the sand. The photo appears to be fresh and it shows how much the turtles are excited to explore the new world.

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Carolyn Sandstrom

My favourite photographer for almost the past 10 years. Her pictures have been my wallpapers until my daughter replaced them.


Carolyn Sandstrom is originally a farm girl from Saskatchewan, Canada. In her teens, Calgary, Alberta, became her home. In 2000, she resettled to the small town of Okotoks.

She is a former well-known Alberta fashion designer. Even though, she was successful and it was a great outlet for her creativity, she came upon the art of photography in an unusual way and knew this was what she truly wanted to be. She discovered it when she was a chairperson for the Royal Astronomical Society in Calgary. When she saw the deep sky images of John Mirtle, an astrophotographer, she just had to take up photography simply so she could photograph her favourite galaxies, M81 and M82. Within a week, she had her first manual Nikon camera, within two she knew she wanted a career as a photographer and she never did get her M81 and M82 shots.

Ever since she took up photography, it has been her greatest passion. It is not only her job, but her lifestyle. She has specialised in taking pictures of babies and children. Her clients find her so patient. She says it is the parents that do most of the work and she just bosses them around, they handle their children, and she waits for the right moments to shoot the images.

Her boyfriend Russ Amy is a wildlife photographer and so when she is not in the studio, they are out bopping around the countryside photographing the wonders of nature and wildlife. They monitor bird nests, animal dens, and rescue wildlife. They take the rescued animals to the closest wildlife rehabilitation centre. Robert Bateman uses many of their images in his new Get To Know Program which teaches children to care for and respect wildlife. She loves all animals and cares very much about their welfare.

Her other interests and skills: she enjoys infrared photography, 3-D photography and designing props along with exquisite Victorian styled clothing for children.  She is also a Photoshop artist. Skills include hand painting, enhancing, restoring, and creating art images.



For photos, more details and info:






            Rathika Ramasamy is India’s first woman wildlife photographer. She is a famous wildlife photographer from New Delhi, India.. Her photographs are stunning and She Portraits nature’s creation in the most beautiful ways. Her photographs are a visual treat to look at. She is passionate about birds and is specializing in bird photography. She has traveled to most of the National parks in India, and has also been to national parks in Africa. For her, wildlife photography is not only a passion but a medium to conserve nature. Her work has been showcased in national and international publications. She is a member of (NPS) Nikon’s Professional Services. She regularly conducts Wildlife Photography workshops all over India and gives talks.


“Every time I press the shutter, it takes me one step closer to Mother Nature.”

Rathika Ramasamy is conducting field workshops on wildlife photography.


Equipment Profile

Nikon D4s 16.2MP FX DSLR
Nikon D4 16MP FX DSLR
Nikon D3 12.1MP FX DSLR


Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
Nikkor AF-S DX 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED
Nikkor AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D ED-IF
Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR
Nikkor AF-S 800mm F/5.6G ED VR

AF-S Tele converter TC800-1.25E ED
Tele converter Nikon TC-14E II
Tele converter Nikon TC-17E II


Tripod Gitzo GT-5540LS ,Wimberley Head II
Tripod Menfrotto 190DB & 141RC Head


PROFILE submitted by Ishwarya Dass, II MJMC, 2014


Fishing: In the Sea of Greed

Screened by Konangal Film Society and Tamil Studio’s Chennai at PERKS School Coimbatore on August 2, 2014

Run time: 42 mnts, 1998.

Inputs from MJMC students of PSG CAS, Coimbatore

Fishing: In the Sea of Greed

Screened by Konangal Film Society, Coimbatore  and Tamil Studios, Chennai at PERKS School, Coimbatore on August 2, 2014

Directed by: Anand Patwardhan

Camera, Editing - Anand Patwardhan

Additional Camera - Simantini Dhuru

Sound - Simantini Dhuru, Shankar Borua

India 1998, video, 45 min, Hindi, Telugu, English subtitles


Documentaries with desired qualities would make it possible for the audience, to immerse themselves into history retold by potent visuals extracted from actuality, and become a part of it and walk along with it. The documentaries titled, ‘Fishing in the Sea of Greed’ and ‘A Narmada Diary’ by Anand Patwardhan, surely fit into this category. These documentaries which were recently screened by Konangal Film Society at Perks Mini Theatre in
Coimbatore, unveiled before the audience, the potential of documentary films to connect each one of its viewers to incidents portrayed.

Like the title suggests, the documentary ‘Fishing in the Sea of Greed’ brings into focus, man’s unquenchable greed for money and the way money is acquired by torturing and tormenting nature which would ultimately result in depletion of natural resources that helps in sustaining life on earth. The documentary tells not just the story of fishermen who were affected by the incoming of huge foreign factory ships but also about man’s irrationality in leaving behind traditional practices and embracing mechanized practices that created great imbalance in nature, ultimately affecting human beings to a great extent.

The documentary also highlights the efforts of Fr. Thomas Kochery, the then Chairperson of National Fishworkers’ Forum, in leading the local fishworkers to fight against the foreign powers sending their huge factory ships with advanced technologies for trawling, which were disturbing the breeding, feeding and multiplying of fishes and causing the destruction of juvenile fishes.

Cuffed parade, children’s procession, hunger strike…all with one agitation, to end man’s cruelty to nature and also to inform the Government the extent to which the fishing community has been affected. The documentary also revealed the negative impacts of aquaculture and how shrimp cultivation affects the fertility of land and fresh water resources. November 21st is celebrated as world Fisheries Day. But many wouldn’t know that there is a story or various happenings behind it. A story, which has bitterness and sweetness of victory attached to it. ‘Fishing in the Sea of Greed’ uncoils it all.

Views by Alan Maria Jose, I MJMC, PSG CAS, August 2014.



While enjoying a sumptuous dinner with lip-smacking fish curry on your table, little do we think about how the catch of the day was made. In a world where men are so self-seeking, Anand Patwardhan’s documentary put in the picture the struggle of the fishing communities of our country which no one seems to bother much about. It is a tale in which, right from infants to the elderly, everyone participated in a struggle with a single mind to save their own lives against foreign invaders in our Indian seas. Foreign currency lured the government in permitting multi-vessel ships to fish in the Indian coastal lines. Fr. Thomas Kocherry, Former Chairperson of the National Fishworkers’ Forum, educated the fishing communities of different parts of the country and enlightened them about the necessity of being united together and opposing the government’s policy. It also shows the dissent of villager’s against the coming of lucrative shrimp farms that would affect agriculture and salinity of drinking water. Both protests succeeded and no one could forget the smiling face and optimism of those people even during troubled times.

Lakshmi, I MJMC, PSG CAS, August 2014.


Anand Patwardhan has been making political documentaries for over four decades pursuing diverse and controversial issues. Many of his films were at one time or another banned by state television channels in India and became the subject of litigation by Anand who successfully challenged the censorship rulings in court. Like that his movie is Fishing: In the sea of greed the seas has been actively promoted by governments in the developing world, as territorial waters are handed over to transnational corporations to meet debt obligations. Peoples are struggling to survive and restore their livelihoods. The photography is realistic and forceful…As a director point of view Anand Patwardhan realize the problems of fishing communities and he put efforts of organizer’s from the National Fish workers Forum (NFF) to co-ordinate fisher people from Bombay, Madras, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore in a successful national campaign. Within years, large stretches of land are abandoned as unfit for agriculture. Finally Fisherwomen and children march, sing and dance in the streets and beaches of Mumbai with fish workers from South Africa, Pakistan, Argentina, Norway, Senegal and other countries on 21 November 1997: World Fisheries Day, a holiday from all fishing, landing and selling. Fish workers and Fish Harvesters, workers are fighting not only for their jobs, but for the survival of the world’s coastal communities and ecosystems.

Vennila - II MJMC

 A war between kattumaram and giant factory ships.

It is the film about fisher community which was facing lot of struggle with the foreign ships… Because of these foreign arrivals local fisher communities livelihood is affected and their situation of poverty… This film showed the injustice that the government has done to them… and their fight to draw attention of government to the efforts of their community.

 Good watch…


Bala - II MJMC

Usually every fisherman near the  sea of Greed fishes in the sea , and theirs was completely dependent on that profession as they had no other jobs known. Now at recent times some of the new companies has been interrupting their job with their fishing nets which would cover a distance of about 15 Km . Due to this the normal life of the fishermen was very much disturbed and they were made to suffer to a large extent by the companies.

            Not only the fishermen but also the life in sea is also very much affected. The fishing by the new companies was likely to cause severe problem in maintaining the ecological balance by destroying all the sea creatures. Finally the fishermen decided to rise against the new fishing ships and companies and the issue also sooner reached the government, the government after checking the consequences of this type of fishing found that the consequences were severe and hence the government also banned fishing in that sea by large scale(big companies).

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